Create a Sea Creature Contest – Honorable Mention – Seed Sparkler

By, Natalie Y. Age – 8

Introducing Seed Sparkler

“A Seed Sparkler is part cheetah and part sea lion. It has many parts that help it survive the harsh winters up north in the Arctic Ocean. Its main power is a mighty propeller, which rests on the top of the horn. A special magic word ‘cyuliave,’ makes the propeller spin, hidden seeds flying everywhere. The seeds drop into the water and plant themselves, and in a few seconds ice-crops grow making food for fish that live up north. The Seed Sparkler’s spines help filter out water and catch plankton, its main meal. A little tube connected to the Seed Sparkler’s mouth sucks up the plankton and carries it to the mouth. This queer animal has webbed feet, made up of strong elastic skin. They are perfect for steering in small spaces. The Seed Sparkler’s sleek tail and shovel can remove ice blocking the mammal’s path.”

Thanks, Natalie, for this AMAZING Sea Creature! Keep up the GREAT work!

Categories: Fun Things To Do

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