Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Monster in the Forest! (Short Story)

by Brycelyn – Age 7

1f7081f756147b325b6e4c91a60b591eIt was early in the morning and there was a little girl that was whistling animated-music-note-image-0017while she was in the deep big woods.

She saw a blue monster with purple horns and three eyes and very sharp teeth! She became friends with him and they found a very tall tree. They climbed up it to see what was up there.

They found a baby monster. animated-monster-image-0135They became friends with him, so they had a big picnic in the monster’s house.

The End

Thank you, Brycelyn, for this awesome story using our story writing prompt.  We LOVE it!

Do you have a short story, poem or drawing you want the world to see? Send it to us and you could be featured on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday, too! Click here for details.


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  1. Hello, Brycelyn,

    I LOVE your story! It was a ‘scary’ story, but fun. You used good words to make the story seem like it was real. Your words made me see the ‘blue monster’. I’m glad they became friends. Thank you. Keep writing.


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