Storytime Sunday – Why Socks Have to Match!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Listen to this fun poem, or read along with it.

It was cold.

I was late.

I missed the bus.

It wouldn’t wait.

I’m walking ten blocks in the rain

because I had no two socks the same!

One red and green with Christmas stars,

One white with little racing cars.

Two Navy blue with separate patterns;

one orange sock with Jack-o-Lanterns.

One pair matched – each with a pink horse, 

But those belonged to my sister,  of course!

My Mom was late and getting mad,

So, I grabbed the only socks I had

One dirty short sock, yellow and bright

One striped long sock, red and white.

At school, I try to hide the mismatched clothes.

But Katie’s got a “nosy-nose”;

she sees and tells – the class goes wild

Ms. Jones says I’m a “troubled” child.

Down to the principal, just for a talk,

The trip to the office is such a long walk.

For two odd socks, my fate can hang.

The Principal says I’m part of a gang.

As you can imagine, it got out of hand.

Teachers and parents met on demand.

PTA meetings were held and reflected

to see if delinquents and socks were connected.

And after it all was debated and done,

Who was at fault? – Well, I was the one.

So now, only same socks are legally right;

all we can wear is knee-high, plain-white.


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