Happy Pawlidays – Dog Gone Home for Christmas!

download (8)There is an interesting idea going on in some animal shelters across the states to ‘foster a dog’ for the holidays. 

Animal-lovers everywhere could consider giving a dog a break from the stress of kennel life for a few days and give pets a place to stay while they wait for their forever homes.

It’s a give-give, win-win situation for everyone!

Getting To Know You

It is a great way to ‘try-out’ a dog-people relationship with no commitment. Hey, the dog may not like you!

Time to Care, Love to Share

Lots of good feelings going on around the holidays and plenty of love and affection to share. Open up your home to a shelter dog. Open up your heart and give yourself a dog for Christmas. 

Maybe, that present will bring you joy for a lifetime!

What Else Can You Do?


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