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Why ‘Fancy’ Rats Make Awesome Pets!

Eeek! A rat!

This may be your reaction to this rodent. But the rats that are kept as pets are not the same as the ones we see on the street. Fancy rats have been bred since the 18th century fotolia_2728488_XSto be more docile and, of course, disease-free.

Let’s check out why fancy rats make awesome pets!

  1. Fancy rats are affectionate, loyal, and easily trained.
  2. Rats are the smartest of all rodents. They can recognize their name, be trained to come when they’re called, do tricks, and even use a litterbox.
  3. Rats can show emotions like empathy, helpfulness, and even loneliness.
  4. Fancy rats rarely bite and have a high tolerance for being handled.
  5. This rodent sleeps for 15 hours a day, so they don’t need the time commitment like a dog or cat would.

Would you like to keep a rat as a pet? Be sure to come back tomorrow to learn how to keep this animal happy and healthy.

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