Dynamic Dino – The Therizinosaurus

Therizinosaurus lived 70 million years ago. It had a long neck, and measured around 33 feet long (10m). This dino is thought to have weighed around five tons!

What else is “dynamic” about this dino?

Check it out!

Did You Know?

  • Some Therizinosaurus’ were covered in feathers. Although, they didn’t use them to fly with, it is believed the feathers helped keep this dino warm. They were also most likely used to attract a mate.
  • This dinosaur had super-long claws on its front feet. They could reach two feet (0.6m) in length!
  • Therizinosaurus stood 10 feet tall (3m)! It had a very long neck, yet a very small head.
  • Fossils of this dino were first discovered in 1948 in Southwest Mongolia.155_therizinosaurus_damir

Researchers cannot be sure what Therizinosaurus ate. Some believe it used its long claws to prey on other animals. Others think this dino may have used its claws to pull down large pieces of vegetation.

Fun Therizinosaurus Facts

  • Therizinosaurus means “scythe lizard”
  • This dino measured about three cars long
  • Weighed as much as three brown bears
  • Could run as fast as an elephant
  • Its claws were as long as short swords

What do you think of this dynamic dino? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section!

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