Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – The Seed and the Flower

By, Aria M. – Age 8

Listen and read-along with this fun story called The Seed and the Flower.

Once upon a time there was a flower out in the sun. Then the flower saw a thing in the sky. The flower was worried that it was a big planet coming towards him. 

But it was a seed.

The flower said, “hello!”

The seed did not answer. 

The seed just stared.

The flower said, “are you ok?” 

“Yes!” said the seed.

 “Why didn’t you answer me the first time?” asked the flower. 

“Because I’m shy,” cried the seed.

“Well, don’t be shy. I’m going to be nice to you. I promise,” said the flower.

“Okay,” said the seed. 

So, the flower and seed went to a house with a beautiful back garden. When they got there they talked for a bit. 

The seed said “I lost my mom.” 

“How did you lose your mom?” asked the flower.

“Well, there was a big windstorm and it blew me away,” said Seed.

“How sad” said the flower. 

Then they went home. They slept overnight. Then they went on a big adventure. 

But, the seed could not catch up. 

“Are you coming Seed?” said Flower. 

“Yes. But, why can you walk faster?”

“Because I’m bigger than you.”

The seed understood. 

A few years later the seed was not a seed, he was a flower and the flower was not a flower he was a BIG flower. 

So the flower and Big Flower played all day.

They had fun, and they lived happily ever after.


Do you have a drawing, short story, or poem you would like to share? Click here for details.

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