Horns & Antlers – Fun Facts About the Markhor

4cf8dcd8ab872473abcce8daac4a5068Today we are going to explore the Markhor. This animal is the largest wild goat in the Bovid family of horned animals. It is also known as the “screw horn goat.”

The Markhor is found in northeastern Afghanistan, northern and central Pakistan, Northern India, southern Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan and in the Himalayas.

Let’s discover more about this “twisted-horned” goat.

Did You Know?

  • Markhors can reach up to 45 inches (115cm) at the shoulder. They measure 73 inches in length (186cm) and can weigh up to 243 pounds (110kg).
  • This species lives in the mountainous regions or in the scrub forests.
  • The male Markhor has light-brown to black fur and fur on its chin, throat, chest, and upper part of the legs. The females are redder and have have short, black beards.

giphy (1)The Markhor is known for its “corkscrew-shaped” horns. In males, the horns can reach 63 inches (160cm). The horns of the females are shorter and only measure about 10 inches (25.4cm).

Unfortunately, the Markhor beautifully unique horns also makes it a target for trophy hunters. Their horns are also used in traditional Asian medicine.

  • The word “markhor” means “snake” in the Persian language.
  • This animal is diurnal, which means it is most active in the morning and at dust.
  • Markhors are herbivores. They like to dine on grass during the spring and summer, and on leaves, flowers, herbs, twigs and shrubs during the autumn and winter months.
  • This animal can live up to 13 years.
  • Markhors will flee up the mountains to escape from their predators which consist of lynx, black bears, wolves, and the snow leopard.

What do you think of the Markhor? Aren’t those twisty horns cool? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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