Books Never Written

by, Jo Carol Hebert

April is Humor Month. Take a look at these fun Smarty Pants Books That Were Never Written (LOL)

Hint: These make a great ‘wordplay’ exercise to do when you are b-o-r-e-d.

Pick up on the ‘concept’ and make up your own ‘books never written’.

Example #1 – Mountain Climbing Made Easy, by Al. T. Tude (author name sounds like word ‘altitude’)

  • Grizzly Attack, by Ted. E. Bear
  • Baking for Babies, by Pat E. Cake
  • Repairs on a Budget, by Han D. Mann
  • Frogs as Pets for Life, by Polly Wog
  • Nannies ‘R’ Us, by Bill E. Goat
  • You Don’t Have to Live with Bad Breath, by Hal O. Tosis
  • How to be the Perfect Student, by Ed U. Cate
  • I Didn’t Do It!, by Al A. Bye
  • Fastest Man on Ice, by Bob Sled
  • Sauces for Seniors Cookbook, by Barb E. Que
  • Allergies No More!, by Dan D. Lyon
  • The Fast Food Caper, by Jack N. Box
  • That Certain Smile, by Jack O. Lantern
  • The Missing Puppet, by Mary O. Nette
  • How To Be a Clever Kid, by Sammar T. Pants!

Why not try writing one of thee clever books? If you do, then send it to us. You could be featured on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday.

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