What Does a Media Specialist Do? Interview With Katherine Martinez

What does a Media Specialist do?

Katherine Martinez from Harding Elementary School, (Hammond, Indiana), shares her exciting career with us.

Check it out! 

Q. What does a Media Specialist do?

A. “A lot! I teach kids how to use the library. I read books to kids that come as a class to the library. I catalog and process new books added to our collection.

I teach computer skills, such as keyboarding, how to create documents, and coding. I oversee the computers in the whole school.

If something breaks, I make sure it gets fixed.

I oversee televised morning announcements that are broadcast from our library every day.”

Q. What type of education/training is required to be a Media Specialist?

“In my state, Indiana, Media Specialists aren’t required to have special training or a certain license.

I was a classroom teacher for many years before I became a Media Specialist. When I changed career goals, I went back to school and studied Library Science.

I now have a license in Library Media Services and have a Master’s of Library Science.”

Q. Tell us what a typical day at work is like

“I get to Harding before school starts. I turn the lights on. I put books away and tidy up theunnamed (2) library. My student helpers arrive and they turn on computers and help me put things away.

The first bell rings and my helpers start setting up the equipment for our morning broadcast. Two students arrive that will read the weather and lunch reports.

The second bell rings and our announcements go out to the building through CCTV (closed circuit television). Two students and I say the pledge and our school’s pledge. I announce birthdays, upcoming events and reminders.

My helpers then pack away the equipment and leave. My first class comes in and I direct them to the computers or story area depending on what is planned for their class – this week my big kids are doing coding exercises on the computers – they also look for and check out books.

I help students log in to their computer accounts and I help them figure out the coding problems. I also (almost at the same time), help other students find books and check them out.

In between classes I organize books and answer email. When a class with younger students comes in, I read books to them. We talk about the books I read. I check out books to them. They play games on the computer to practice mouse skills.

I end the day sorting and putting books away, leaving others for my student helpers to put away in the morning.

I shut the lights off and lock the door.”

DowyR7zXkAAVOYv (2)Q. What’s your favorite part of the job? 

A. “I really like books. I like reading books to kids and helping students find a book they are going to love reading.”

Q. Do you have any advice for our young readers?

A. “Look for books about the stuff you like. If you like baseball, look for books about baseball. Don’t go for books that are too hard. Pick books you can finish!”

Q. Anything else you would like to add?

A. “I hope everybody visits their local library and has a library card so they can check out books!”

Thank you, Katherine, for sharing your exciting career as a Media Specialist.

Would you like to be a Media Specialist someday? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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