Storytime Sunday – The Seven Spanish Sisters (Las Siete Hermanas Espanolas)

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Once, there were las siete hermanas Espanolas. 

They lived with their papa and mama

in a very small casa in the mountains of Mexico.

Cecilia was la hermana numero uno

Angelina was la hermana numero dos. 

Esperanza was la hermana numero tres

Ernestina was la hermana numero cuatro.

Ofelia was la hermana numero cinco.

Mariana was la hermana numero seis, 

and Eva was la hermana numero siete.

Now, Cecilia was muy simpatica.

Angelina was muy bella.

Esperanza was muy feliz.

Ernestina was muy valiente.

Ofelia was muy calleda.

Mariana was muy astute.

But Eva was muy, muy curiosa. She was always looking under things and over things; and inside things and outside things; and behind and around things.

And she was always asking, “por que? – why”?

When her mama said, “Eva, brush your teeth,” Eva would say, “por que’?”

When her papa said, “Eva, go to sleep,” Eva would say, “por que’?”

When las seis hermanas Espanolas said, “Eva, let’s play!” Eva would say, “por que?”

“Why do you always say, “por que’?” her familia asked her.

“Because I am muy curiosa,” Eva said.

“Eva, you should be simpatica, nice, like me,” said Cecilia, smiling sweetly.

“Eva, you should be bella, beautiful, like me,” said Angelina, looking in the mirror.

“Eva, you should be feliz, happy, like me,” said Esperanza, joyfully.

“Eva, you should be valiente, brave, like me”, said Ernestina, boldly.

“Eva, you should be calleda, quiet, like me,” said Ofelia, softly

“Eva, you should be astute, smart, like me, said Mariana, proudly.

Por que’?” said Eva, curiously.

So Eva went on looking under things, and over things, inside things and outside things, behind things and around things. And she went on asking, “por que’?”

In time, las siete hermanas Espanolas grew up. Cecilia became a Teacher. Angelina became a Model. Esperanza became a Chef. Ernestina became a Police Officer. Ofelia became a Librarian. And Mariana became a Lawyer.

And what do you think happened to Eva?

One day, she went exploring. She was looking under things, and over things. She was looking inside things, and outside things. She was looking around things, and behind things. And when she looked inside a dark cave, she saw some bright and shiny rocks.

 Eva,” her sisters said, “you should have listened to us.”

Por que’?” said Eva, as she flew off in her private jet to her gold mine in the mountains of Mexico.


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