Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – The Cryptopus!

by, Monish K. – Age 10

Check out the Cryptopus creature and what it can do!

This dangerous creature has stunning tentacles of an Octopus, a shell like a Turtle to defend itself, features giant pinchers like a Crab and also obtains an electric tail like an Electric Eel. These creatures are born with razor sharp teeth and humongous horns. It’s native is the deep waters of the Bermuda Triangle. 

Thank you, Monish, for this super-cool creature-feature. Keep up the GREAT work!

Do you have a special drawing, poem, or short story you would like to share? Click here for details.

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  1. I love this creature that you ‘put together’! So clever the way you chose the different parts to invent a new animal. The ‘creature’ looks very ferocious. Thank you, Monish.


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