Fun Feline Facts


Now is the purrfect time to learn more about our feline friends.

Did you know cats sleep between 16 and 18 hours each day?

If you have a pet cat, then you probably already knew that! But you may not know these other furtastic facts we’ve found – they may just a-mew-use you!

Check them out…

#1 – Calico Cats (ones with orange, black and white patches on their fur) are usually always female.

#2 – The feline species can jump about 7 times their height.

17273676_10154492785423041_1360562706_o#3 – A group of cats is called a “clowder.” A group of kittens is called a “kindle.” No. You can’t download books on these guys.

#4 – Did you ever wonder why the cat’s tongue feels like sandpaper? That’s because it contains small “hooks.” These help with bathing and tearing food.

#5 – What do Napoleon, Julius Caesar, and Charles XI all have in common? They were known for being brave men but they were also afraid of cats.

#6 – 10% of all the cat’s bones are found in its tail.

#7 – The feline species can make around 100 different vocal sounds.

#8 – Cats have very powerful sight. They can see when the light level is six times less than what we can see in.

#9 – Cats have 230 bones in their bodies (we have 206). But their collarbone doesn’t connect with any other bones. This is so they can squeeze into small spaces.13301334_10207521992381266_2250457335215415170_o

#10 – Every cat has a unique nose pad – just like our fingerprints!

#11 – Cats greet one another by touching noses.

#12 – Abraham Lincoln had four cats in the White House.

#13 – There are approximately 73 million pet cats in North America. Dogs fall short at 63 million.

Cats rule and dogs drool…Go Cats!

Cat-Cat_Guide-A_little_girl_holding_a_catTips on Being With a Cat

Not all kitties like to be squeezed. Here are some helpful tips on playing with a cat.

Tip # 1 – Be Relaxed

Some cats may be frightened of loud noises or fast actions. When becoming friends with the feline species try to be calm and relaxed. This will help your kitty relax, too.

Tip # 2 – Take Your Time

When you first bring a new cat home, take your time when greeting him or her. Try lying on the floor and offering your hand for kitty to sniff. If she rubs it then pet her gently, if she is afraid, give her more time.

main-qimg-e1d5d9eaed8b84c48b53d6d79935b35f-cTip # 3 – Back, Shoulders, and Tail – Good Petting Zones

If your cat is relaxed, gently run your hand down her back, around her shoulders and down her tail. These are the good petting zones.

NEVER try to pet a cat’s belly until you get to know them really well. Even so, some felines don’t like having their tummies touched.

Tip # 4 – Proper Picking Up

When picking up your feline friend, be sure to do so correctly. Always use both hands. Press one hand flat against kitty’s chest. Use the other to support the hindquarters. Now hold the cat securely (but not too tightly) against your chest.

This makes him feel safe and comfortable.

Tip # 5 – Sit or Stand?

When you first try to hold your new cat, do so either sitting or standing. Nervous cats won’t like sudden moves, so stay still when being with your new feline friend.

11010496_10204697931981521_3158908659684030543_nCats are cool critters. Let’s give them the love they deserve today.

If you have a kitty, then take a moment to give him or her some extra snuggles.

If you don’t, you can still draw a picture of your favorite type of cat and send it to us. You could be featured on our, Show Us Your Stuff Saturday. 


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