Even More Amazing Butterflies


We love butterflies! Do you?

If not, these amazing butterflies may just change your mind.

Check them out!

Monarch Butterfly

downloadDid you know this butterfly is one of the most recognized of them all?  

The Monarch butterfly has a wingspan of 4 inches. Its wings are covered in an orange and black pattern.

At the end of August, this butterfly travels thousands of miles from Canada and the US to winter in Mexico.

Goliath Birdwing Butterfly

goliath-birdwing-butterfly-male-irian-konrad-wotheDid you know this butterfly is the second largest in the world?  

It is found in New Guinea and can measure up to 11 inches. Females will be larger than the males and are dark-brown. Males are brilliant green with black markings.

Ulysses Butterfly

download (1)Did you know this butterfly is found on every continent, except the Antarctic?  

The Ulysses butterfly prefers to live below the canopy in the warmth of the rainforest. It measures around 3.5 inches and is a metallic blue with black edges on its wings.

Summer Azure Butterfly

summerazure1628Did you know this butterfly is found in Canada from Nova Scotia to Southern Saskatchewan?  

The Summer Azure is very small – it only measures 1.1 inches!

This butterfly has pale blue coloring on its upper wings and a dusting of white on the rest. The underside of its wings has a zigzag and tiny dark grey spots.

Tips on How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterfly-Garden-Flowers-StyleButterflies are fun to watch, so why not plant a garden to attract some to your area? Check out these tips on how to attract butterflies to your garden.

Tip # 1 – Butterflies like the colors red, yellow, orange, pink and purple. They also like flowers that have a flat-topped blossom or are clustered together.  

Tip # 2 – Be sure to plant your flowers in full sunlight. This is not only good for the nectar of the flowers, but the butterflies enjoy the warmth as well.  

Tip # 3 – Use a shallow birdbath with rocks in it. Butterflies need rest and water, just like we do. Birdbaths with rocks tall enough to peek out of the water gives butterflies a place to rest and replenish.

Tip # 4 – Use flowers with “landing pads.” Butterflies like flowers that provide a place to sit while they feed. Good butterfly “resting” flowers include, yarrow, zinnias, peonies, and long lush blooms, such as butterfly bush and butterfly weed.

Aren’t butterflies amazing?

If you think so, too, tell us about your garden visitors in our comments section. Better yet, draw us a picture and you could be featured on “Show Us Your Stuff Saturdays.”

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