Audio Poem – The Cat Cab!

Listen and read-along with this cute poem by, Marieke Steiner

Come climb into the cat cab.

Pay your fare and do not gab.

You will find your trip’s a real treat

With a cat in the driver’s seat.

Travelers, your ride is ideal

When there’s a kitten at the wheel.

His vision at night is superb

For picking you up on the curb.

He speeds up, down, and ’round the streets,

While you all hang onto your seats.

Feline taxi will be somewhere,

To get you from here to over there.

This cat’s car is his very own lair.

So try and flag him down if you dare!


About the Author

Marieke Steiner lives and works in Chesapeake, Virginia (US). You can read more of her writing on her website:

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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