Dragon and Captain – An Imaginative Adventure!

The sun warmed the scales on the sleeping dragon’s back, as the smell of oatmeal filled his snout…

But while the dragon feeds, he notices a “pirate” in his sandbox.

41869199_10214309301539753_4577281045463826432_nHe must investigate!

What does dragon soon learn? The pirate is a Captain and he’s lost his ship.

What can be done?

Turn an ordinary backyard into the adventure of a lifetime.

Together, these imaginative boys trek through a dark forest, climb down a cliff, and hike all the way to the sea, where they’ll need to outsmart a band of evil pirates.

Can they do this all before lunch?

Find out in Dragon and Pirate.

Written by P.R. Allabach, this tale of creativity will keep your kids turning those pages 41889059_10214309304339823_3193156224338100224_nuntil the very last word.

The illustrations by Lucas Turnbloom are bold, brilliant, and engrossing – they tell their own tale that your kids will love!

Flashlight Press has turned another story into a must-read for every kid-lit fan!

Want your own copy of Dragon and Pirate? Check out Flashlight Press. 

Want to learn some cool pirate facts? Click here!

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