Thunder Cluck Chicken of Thor – Recipe for Revenge – Book Review

When Brunhilde and Thundercluck burrow an enchanted journal from the library then fail to return it on time, King Oden is not happy.

If you cannot return the book, report to the throne room at once. There will be grave consequences,


King Oden

PS: Grave. Consequences

The mighty team searches high and low for the missing book, but they come up empty. What are they to do?

Set out on another adventure fraught with peril, that’s what!

With a cranky skeleton chef, the leader of the Wartogs and a sinister sorcerous on their tails, the battle-buddies travel through many worlds on their search for the missing book.

What mysteries will they discover about Brunhilde’s past? Will Thundercluck prevail against the forces of evil that have him in their sinister clutches? Can they beat the Book Wyrm and get back to the kingdom before time runs out?

Find out in Thunder Cluck Chicken of Thor Recipe for Revenge.

This book is the second in the Thunder Cluck series, created by Paul Tillery IV and Mef Wittwer. The writing is creative and humorous and perfect for the fantasy-loving middle-grade reader in your home.

Grab your copy of Thunder Cluck Recipe for Revenge by MacKids today!

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