Let’s Celebrate Kids & Pets!

Listen to this post as a podcast by our kid narrator, Pranamya,

Hey Kids! Today we celebrate you AND your furry, feathery, or scaly friends!

Want to learn some fun tips on keeping your pets happy and healthy? We’ve got them!

Plus, we’ve got a cool video by Life Hacks for Kids, where you can learn how to design three simple toys for your furry pals.

Let’s get started!

Top 5 Tips For a Healthy Pet


Caring for an animal isn’t much different then caring for our bodies. Check out these top five tips for a healthy pet.

1. Healthy Diet – Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, rodent, reptile, or fish, every pet needs a healthy diet. Be sure to feed your pet a high quality food, in the proper amounts, once or twice daily.

2. Exercise – Just like humans need to move, animals do, too. Take your pooch to the park, give your kitty some catnip, let your feathery friend fly free or your rodent race around (in a safe room). Providing your pet with exercise and time with you will help keep him/her in top shape.

3. Rest – Just like exercise is important, so is rest. When your pets settle down to take a nap or at bedtime, let them be. They need sleep, too!

4. Fresh Water – We all get thirsty, so be sure your pets always have fresh water to drink. This is especially important after play time.

5. Love, Love, Love – This is the easiest of all the tips – LOVE! Your pets want you to treat them with respect and kindness. Give them an extra hug, a kiss, or even a snuggle (or two) to show them you care.

Check out these fun and easy crafts to make for your pets!

animated-parakeet-image-0002Want to learn how to care for some cool pets? Check out our pet section!

Happy Kids and Pets Day!

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