ThunderCluck Chicken of Thor – Book Review

Thundercluck started out as any ordinary chicken does – as an unassuming egg on a quiet farm with caring farmers.

But when a powerful showdown between the god, Thor, and the evil chef, Gorman Bones, produces a mighty lightning bolt that splits into two, things in this fantastical world are about to get “scrambled.”

“Hennda blinked, then gave a little wiggle, and with a cluck, she began to lay a glowing egg.”

All the Asgardians knew this chick was going to be special…especially after he gave a little chirp and a tiny lightning bolt shot from his beak.

However, for one little Asgardian girl named Brunhilde, (she was technically a Valkyrie and had wings), the relationship between her and this soon-to-be powerful chick would be unbreakable.

Brunhilde grew and so did Thundercluck and so did Gorman Bones desire for the perfect chicken dinner. For the sake of the farm, Thundercluck had to leave his peaceful home but Brunhilde vowed to protect him as the unlikely pair set out on the journey of a lifetime.

What perils lie in waiting for a scared chicken and his brave little friend when the wicked Under-Cook threatens the god’s kingdom?

Come on the fantastic journey of Thundercluck Chicken of Thor to find out!

This book is created by Paul Tillery IV and Meg Wittwer and is perfect for your young reader that loves a fantasy tale of good versus evil.

The writing is action-packed and engaging and will sure to be one of those books your child will have trouble putting down. The simple sketches scattered throughout the pages is a nice touch and helps to draw the reader in even further.

Grab your copy of ThunderCluck Chicken of Thor from MacKids today – because when danger calls…BAGAW calls back!

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