Weird Foods From Around the World

This time of the year brings with it candied apples, pumpkin pie, and even some turkey and stuffing, but did you know there are some very odd foods that people actually eat?

Check out these weird foods from around the world.

Tripe May Give You a Fright!


This weird food not only ends up in your stomach, but it IS a stomach! Tripe is made from the lining of the stomach of various animals (like cows). It is described as being sponge-like in texture and rubbery to the taste buds. This popular dish is found all over the world.

Tuna Eyes Are Watching You!


When you look at this dish, it will be looking back at you. Tuna eyes (or Medama) is a common food found in Japan. The eyeballs can be served fried, steamed, or stewed. They have been described as tasting like a hard-boiled egg.

Century Egg – Not 100, But Still Rotten!

220px-Century_egg_sliced_openConsidered a delicacy in China, the Century Egg isn’t 100 years old, but it’s still rotten! Made with duck, chicken or quail these eggs have been preserved in a mixture of clay, ash, and quicklime. After a few months, the yolk turns dark green (or even black and slimy). The white portion turns to a dark brown translucent jelly. What does it taste like? Those brave enough to try it says it’s tastes like a hard-boiled egg and smells strongly of sulfur.

Chicken Feet – Might Make You Want to Run Away

You’ve probably eaten chicken – that’s what’s in those nuggets. But have you ever eaten a chicken-feet_Elema-Flickr-56ae498e5f9b58b7d00f5577 chicken’s foot? You might have if you lived in parts of Asia, South America, or South Africa. The feet of these birds can be breaded and seasoned to taste. The skin is a bit gelatinous in texture, and the claws should be removed before serving.

Sago Delight – It’s Quite a Sight!

20160314_23The big fat bodies of the Sago grub is considered a real treat in parts of Southeast Asia. These large larvae are said to be creamy when eaten raw and taste like bacon when they’re cooked. Apparently, these grubs are also loaded in protein and highly nutritious.

What’s on your dinner plate tonight? Is it as odd as any of these dishes? Tell us what you think about these weird foods from around the world!

Bon Appetit!

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