Audio Story – Piper Pann Pepperpot Picks a Pet

Listen and follow along with this story by, Sande lee.

One day, I took a pen and a piece of paper and started a list of possible pets.

First, I wrote down a pony. That would be plenty. I could prance her through a pasture of pansies.

Second was a parrot. She could perch on a post and say, “Polly wants a peanut, please.”

A piglet was number three. Though this portly pal would need a pot of perfume.

What if I got a prickly porcupine? That positively isn’t plain. But watch where you park your rump or we’ll need pliers to pluck those picky points out.

Fourth was a platypus. This pal appears to have a paddle for a tail. So into the pond among the plants is where she will play.

Fifth was quite peculiar. A pair of perky penguins to plunge in our pool.

The last one I thought might be plausible was a pachyderm. With this ample elephant I would patrol in a parade.

Pleased with my list, I pitter-patted off to my pop.

He read each one aloud and professed, “oh my, this may be a problem. These pets you are pondering are not appropriate. But I have a plan. A trip to the puppy pound to purchase a pooch will solve this predicament!”

A puppy! What a surprise. I was so busy pretending I never proposed a pooch!

So off to the pound we proceeded.

There were plump puppies, perky puppies, passive pups and more. But the prettiest of all was a poofy, peach-colored pup.

A perfect poodle.

“Oh, Pop,” I shouted. “This is the pup I want to pamper.”

I was positively the happiest person on the planet and soon we were home.

“This pooch needs a name,” prompted my pop. “How ’bout Pandy, Popcorn, or Paisley-Poo?”

“Those names aren’t very appealing,” said my mom. “She looks like she should be placed in a palace.”

“That’s it,” I said, “We’ll call her Princess.”

But my pleasure promptly passed as I was now in a pickle. This wasn’t part of the plan!

There on our porch, partially on my shoe, my pretty poodle had piddled.

“Princess Poodle,” Pop said with purpose. “We do not permit piddling on the porch. So down on the pebbles you will pee.”

My prized pet gave a “yip” and padded off to play.

As for me? I may need a paddle to get through that puddle.


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  1. LOVE this ‘alliteration’ (same sound) Letter ‘P’ story. It’s not easy putting all those ‘p’s’ together to make a sensible story. This is an excellent exercise in writing and the audio ‘read-a-loud’ brings it alive to young listeners. So much fun playing with words and a light-hearted rendering makes for a joyful and language-learning moment. Thank you.


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