Audio Poem – The Witches Dance

Listen and read-along with this spooky poem by, Roseanne B. Frank

When the moon is full

and the sky is gray,

at the end of an October day,

the witches come from far away.

To sing and dance

     On Halloween Night.

They fly on their brooms,

and cackle and wail,

chasing shadows o’er hill and dale,

the witches come upon a gale.

 They sing and dance

      On Halloween Night.

The firelight’s blaze

will welcome them all.

Piles of leaves to burn for fall.

The witches come, a festive ball.

Oh, sing and dance

      On Halloween Night.

Around the fire

the frenzy begins,

baring their toothless, witchy grins.

The witches come, to reel and spin.

And sing and dance

 On Halloween Night.

Black hats and capes

swirl in the night.

Once a year, a frightening sight.

The witches come by firelight.

So sing and dance

       On Halloween Night.

So if you come

to their clearing, take care.

Their howling warns outsiders “Beware!”

When witches come, join if you dare.

The song and dance        

On Halloween Night

About the Author

Roseanne Baxter Frank is a children’s writer with two books coming out with Hurn Publications: Alice in the Palace, 2022 & O’win & the Moon, 2024. She is a freelance editor and the creator of Next Level Publishing handwriting workbooks. For the latest about her releases, you can connect with her on Twitter @writingoutloud2 Instagram @writingoutloud or through or

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