Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Spooky Zombie Story

Zombie Mountain

by, Kendray O. Age – 9

Dion and his dad Jim lived on a mountain in a cabin above a little town called Shady Oaks. Jim and Dion needed food so they went down the mountain to town to get food and supplies.

When they arrived in town there were zombies everywhere. They were chasing people and trying to eat them.

Dion and his dad saw zombies coming towards them. They turned around and hit a zombie with their jeep.  

They made it back to there cabin safely. Dion was scared to death. “Are we going to die, Daddy?” he asked.

“I hope not,” said his dad. “We still need food. We need to go in the woods and find a deer or something.”

There were more zombies coming up the mountainside. The zombies saw them and chased them. Jim shot and destroyed them.

When they were all shot, and no more in sight, Jim and Dion went in search of a deer or rabbit, any kind of animal they could eat. They continued hunting and finally shot a deer. They dragged it to their cabin, ate some of it and stored the rest.  

That evening, they watched the news before it went off. It said that the town of Shady Oaks was invaded with zombies and warned everyone to stay out of sight.

“They are deadly. No one is safe. We do have a cure,” the newsman said. “You can make a cure with Vitamin C pills and animal blood and blend it together into a potion,” he said. “But you have to get them to take the potion. One way is to put it in ground hamburger or deer meat and let them eat it.”

Jim and Dion made a whole pot of the potion. They rolled out meat balls and got it ready. Later that night, they heard zombies roaming around outside their cabin. When the zombies came on the porch, Jim and Dion handed the meatballs one by one to each zombie with a large spoon from the kitchen. The zombies lined up at the door and took a meatball and crammed it into their mouth and was cured.

Most of the zombies were cured and they went back down the mountain to Shady Oaks.

There were still zombies coming but Jim and Dion was running out of meatballs. “We need to go hunting again, Dion. Get my gun!”

Later that same evening, they skinned another deer and made meatballs. The zombies on the porch were getting cranky and hungry. Jim tried to give the cure to a mad zombie but it bit his finger. Jim slammed the door shut.

“Dion, get me a cure shot. I’ve been bit. Hurry before I turn into one of them!”

Dion ran over and gave his dad a shot of the potion. He helped his dad to bed.

“Rest, Dad. I will hand out meatballs to the rest of the zombies,” Dion said. “You get some rest because we might have to go hunting again.”

“Be careful, Dion. They are dangerous,” said Jim.

“I will, Dad,” Dion said.

The next day, there were only a few zombies left on the mountainside. Jim climbed out of bed and said, “Dion, we need to leave the cabin and go into town and give out the cure to the people that are infected. We need to go hunting again before nightfall,” said his dad. “There will be more zombies coming tonight.”

Later that evening, they turned on the news. The newsman said,

“Jim Baker and his son Dion saved the town of Shady Oaks. Thank you both for saving us. The two of them cured all the zombies and started helping people in town who have been infected with the virus. These two risked their lives to help us. Now it’s time to rebuild our town back.”


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  1. Hi, Kendray O., age 9, and already writing good stories. Well-done with making a fantasy story believable. Dad and son characters and narrative are consistent throughout the story. The ‘newsman’ was a great added character to pull the story together. Meatball cure really interesting and positive within a really ‘horror story’ telling. Good scary beginning, conflict middle, and problem-solving conclusion with the hero overcoming danger and saving the people. Why don’t you write another chapter of ‘Zombie Mountain’? Great read!

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