Storytime Sunday – Wendell’s Web

Listen to and read-along with this fun story by, Susan Sundwall.

Wendell’s web sat in the corner of Mr. Oswald’s bookshop. It was a glorious web. Wendell loved to scurry and bounce along its silky strands. He also loved to spent his time chasing flies, studying web patterns and polishing his four pairs of spider shoes. 

One morning Mr. Oswald opened the front door of the bookshop to let in the sunshine. 

“My Goodness!” exclaimed, Mr. Oswald. “This place is dirty!”

He got a broom and a mop. The dust flew everywhere as he got to work cleaning. Soon he reached the corner where Wendell sat in his web.

“Achoo!” sneezed Wendell.

“What was that?” asked Mr. Oswald. Then he saw the web and Wendell staring back at him. “Ick, a spider!”

“My name is not Ick,” said the spider. “I am Wendell.’’

Mr. Oswald lifted the broom to sweep away the web.

“Stop!” yelled Wendell. “This is my home. It’s clean and, um, very useful.”

Mr. Oswald peered at Wendell. “Useful? How?” he asked.

“It traps flies.” 

“Hmmm,” said Mr. Oswald. “Shoppers don’t like flies. But they don’t like spider webs, either.” He raised his broom again. 

“But I can sing,” said Wendell quickly. “I even have my own guitar!” He pulled his guitar out from behind a book. “I have an idea.”

Mr. Oswald listened to Wendell’s idea. “Hmmm,” he said again. “Let’s try.”

That afternoon Mrs. Biggins came and began to look around. Soon she saw Wendell’s web. It swayed gently as she drew near. “Oh, my,” she said and read a sign.

“A singing spider? What do you sing?” she asked Wendell. 

Wendell smiled and tipped the smart yellow hat that Mr. Oswald had given him to wear. Strumming his shiny black guitar he began to sing the alphabet song. 

“A, B, C, D,” he sang. His voice was loud and deep. Wendell bowed to Mrs. Biggins when he was done. 

Mrs. Biggins clapped. “What a nice voice you have.”

On a table beside the web sat a book called, Favorite Spider Songs. 

“This book looks interesting,” said Mrs. Biggins. It was full of spider pictures and spider songs. “I’ll take it for my daughter,” she said.  

“Thank you,” said Mr. Oswald as he put the book in a yellow bag and winked at Wendell. 

He walked over to Wendell’s web. “I think this will work out just fine.” He put another Favorite Spider Songs book on the table.

All through the spring and summer Wendell played his guitar and sang for the shoppers. He learned six new songs and even took requests. People came from miles around to hear him and Mr. Oswald sold many books. 

Wendell kept his four pairs of spider shoes shiny and made sure to dust his smart yellow hat. When the store was empty he still scurried and bounced along the silky strands of his beautiful web, keeping his eye out for stray flies, of course.

Wendell was very happy that he’d never have to worry about being swept away again.


About the Author

Susan is a freelance writer, poet, children’s play writer and author of the Minnie Markwood mystery series. She writes from her home in upstate New York. 

Categories: Audio Stories/Poems

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  1. Oh, I love this story. Going to print it out for my great-nieces and nephews and one for my youngest niece who’s afraid of spiders (like me). I will try and be kinder to them. I’ve read other stories by Susan Sundwall and find her to be a wonderful writer. Bravo, Susan!


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