Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – Windy Scarecrow!

by, Jacob – Age 11

It’s Autumn and this scarecrow is very busy trying to keep the farmer’s pumpkins safe from crows. How do you think he’s doing at this important job?

Thank you, Jacob, for sharing this amazing artwork with us! It’s “scarecrow-tastic!”

Kids! Do you have a drawing, painting, poem, or short story you would like to share? Click here for details on how to do so.

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  1. I also liked the Autumn details in your picture: pumpkins and falling leaves. Your picture looks ‘windy’. I like the way you used layers of colors from the brown ground to the green corn fields to the blue sky and the yellow sun. Your picture makes me wonder what the scarecrow is thinking. I hope to see more of your art. Thank you.


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