It’s the Heterodontosaurus!

Which dinosaur is one of the most puzzling to scientists?

It’s the Heterodontosaurus!

This dinosaur is very confusing to those that study it. This is because it had short front teeth in its top jaw. two pairs of long pointed teeth (or canines), and many chisel-edged teeth in its cheek. It also had a beak!

Because of all these odd choppers, scientists still don’t know what it ate or how it lived!

Let’s discover more fun facts about this weird dino.

Did you know?

  • Heterodontosaurus means “different-toothed lizard.” 220px-Heterodontosaurus_model
  • It measured only three feet long.
  • It lived in South Africa around 205 million years ago.
  • This dino used to keep food in its cheeks.
  • Each of its hands had five fingers – two of which were opposable thumbs. This meant the Heterodontosaurus could grasp objects.
  • A baby Heterodontosaurus skull was discovered in 2008. It measured less than two inches long, yet it still had big canine teeth or tusks.
  • This dino may have had bristly feather-like “hair.”

What do you think of this “toothy” dinosaur. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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