Did You “Snow” These Snowman Facts?

Have you ever built a snowman? Then you probably know how much fun it can be? We even built our own snowman to be featured here – isn’t he cute?

But did you “snow” these awesome snowman facts?

Check them out. They are super-cool!

Biggest Snowman


The biggest snowman (or rather ‘snow-woman) was created in Bethnal, Maine, in 2008. She stood a whopping 122 feet tall (37.2 meters), and was named ‘Olympia.’ This snowy figure was built to honor the US senator representing the state of Maine, ‘Olympia Snowe.’

The previous record was also set in Bethnal, Maine, in 2009. The snowman stood 113.7 feet tall (34.7 meters) and was called Angus, King of the Mountain. This snowman honored the governor of Maine, Angus King.

Did you know? The first illustration of a snowman appeared in a book called, Book of Hours, way back in 1380.

Blow ‘Em Up at Sechseläuten


Every year since 1818, the people of Zurich, Switzerland, celebrate the start of spring by blowing up a snowman. This holiday is known as, Sechseläuten.

Celebrations start on the third Monday of April. A cotton snowman named the Böögg is stuffed with dynamite then paraded through the town. As part of the tradition, local blacksmiths, bakers and various other tradesmen throw all sorts of sausages and bread to the crowd.

At the end of the parade, Böögg is placed on 400 feet (122 meter) high pile of scrap wood. The bells of the Church of St. Peter chime six times (this represents the passing of winter and the start of spring).


Winter is officially over as soon as the snowman is blown up. The good folks here also believe the shorter the combustion, the longer summer will be!

Did you know? Karen Schmidt from Minnesota owns 5,127 snowmen items and counting. She has the biggest collection to date!

Earliest Snowman Photo

MDL00  010

The above image is the earliest known photograph of a snowman. It has been recorded in The National Library of Wales. The photo was taken in 1853!

Did you know? Japan holds the Guinness World Record for the most snowmen built in one hour. An incredible 2,036 snowmen were built in just sixty minutes on 28 February 2015.

Teeny Tiny Snowman


In 2009, scientists at the National Physical Laboratory in West London created the world’s smallest snowman. This mini was just 0.01mm (that’s 0.0003937008 inches)!. It was created using tools designed for manipulating nanoparticles.

What do you think of these super snowman facts? Tell us in the comments section.

Want to know how to build the perfect snowman? Check out these top tips for building an awesome snowman by the snowman experts!

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