Are You an Ologist?

Listen and read-along with this fun poem by, Leah Pileggi

If you like watching monkeys, gorillas and apes,

then you could be a prime Primatologist.

animated-monkey-image-0231If you follow the trails of slugs, bugs and ants,

well, you might be a slick Entomologist.


If you dig ancient jewelry and animal bones,

then perhaps you’re an ace Archaeologist.


If you study earth’s minerals, fossils and stones,

be a rock star: a solid Geologist.

download (14)If you revel in rainstorms, in wind, and hail,

stand strong as a Meteorologist.


Who studies the climate from dinosaur days?

A cool Paleoclimatologist!


A hugger of trees? A Dendrologist

Watching lava flow free? A Volcanologist


Been moved by your muscles? Myologist


Love fishes, all types? Ichthyologist


If you wish you had wings and could fly like a bird,

you might soar as a great Ornithologist.

animated-bird-image-0251But whatever you love, there exists the right word.

Pick your prefix, and you’ll be an Ologist!

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About the Author

Leah lives in Pittsburgh and has studied creative writing at Chatham University and professional writing at Carnegie Mellon University. Her work has appeared in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Chautauquan Daily, Mental Floss, The New York Times Magazine and Hopscotch Magazine.

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  1. I really enjoyed this clever wordplay presenting vocations in such a fun way. Lots of good information tucked in the poetic rhythm and rhyme. Unique idea and successful rendering of the genre. Thanks!


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