“Why Does My Cat Stare At Me All The Time?”

Do you feel like someone is lurking around your house?

Do you look over your shoulder to see if someone is following you?

Do you have a sense that someone is staring at you?

download (41)Living With a Predator

Statistics show that one out of every three household occupants in the United States report these feelings.

But, those are the same households that have a feline member of the family!

Doing What Comes Naturally

“You can take the cat out of the ‘wild’, but you can’t take the ‘wild’ out of the cat.”  

Cats are natural predators.

As predators, they are proactive in seeking their prey. They are masters of their environment – alert, vigilant, and focused on every movement and sound in their area.

They are practicing their natural instincts and are checking you out – actually, stalking you – but in a good way.

Cat Communication

Those big, bright, beautiful, colorful and hypnotic cat eyes are powerful weapons in the download (40)‘stare-down’ contest. The feline gaze implies a gamut of possible expressions:

  1. “I’m starving. Feed me.” (the decorative cat dish is 1⁄2 full of specialty tuna).
  2. “I’m lonely. Can you hang out with me?” (you feel guilty and respond with affection).
  3. “You moved my litter box and I’m not happy about that.” (you put it back where it was).

download (42)A Trusting Relationship

Cats are curious, but cautious. Having a nature that is ever alert to danger, your cat needs reassurance that his environment is secure. 

You are your cat’s whole world. Your perception of and response to his needs makes for a happy and lasting relationship. 

Do you have a feline friend? Tell us about your special pet in the comments section.

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