Audio Storytime Sunday – We Are ALL Smarty Pant!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Listen and read-a-long with this fun poem!

My friends all call me ‘smarty pants,’

because I want to know:

When do leaves change colors,

and where the wind will go?


And how long is ‘forever’,

and why are turtles slow?

How long is an inchworm?

and why do Roosters crow?


But I need help with numbers

even though I try –

Simon’s got the ‘smarts’

when it’s time to multiply.

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At recess, on the playground –

I don’t have a chance;

when it comes to Fortnite moves –

Tim’s the ‘smarty pants’


My friend, Ty knows football,

follows all the rules.

He’s a smarty pants in sports

in elementary school.

animated-sports-image-0226 (2)

Lee sits on the sidelines;

his legs won’t let him play.

But he’s a ‘smarty pants’ with jokes

he cracks us up each day!


And who’s the fastest kid in school?

And who wins every race?

A kid who wears a dress –

A ‘smarty pants’ named ‘Grace”


My friends say I’m a ‘smarty pants’;

I could brag – but I won’t;

‘cause all my friends are ‘smarty pants,’

they know the things I don’t!

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