Storytime Sunday – How to Get the Cat Out!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Listen to this fun poem

Now practice reading!

Grandpa built an animal trap

(to try to capture the cat like that).

catout (2)

And Mother raced to the marketplace

(to buy a catfish, of course).


But Sister hung from the chandelier

(for she was afraid of the furry thing).


And Father computed statistical sums

(to figure how fast a cat can run).


The Baby was laughing and having fun,

and Auntie called for 911.


And while they were busy discussing the facts

of what to do and how to act;

And while they were scurrying this way and that –

Leonard quite quietly





About the Author

Jo Carol Hebert is a regular contributor to Smarty Pants Magazine. She is a retired school teacher and continues to tirelessly work on our Curriculum Corner and the A-Z Letter Stories.

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