It’s International World Thinking Day!

Today is World Thinking Day! Check out these super-cool facts that will make you “think” or listen to it as a podcast.

Did You Know?

1. Birds cannot live in space. This is because they need gravity to swallow!

2. Some perfumes actually have whale feces in them.

61QVcHDOsuL._SX425_3. We fart an average of 14 times each day. Each one can travel from your body at 14 miles-per-hour (22.5 kph)!

4. Baby koalas are fed poop by their parents right after they are born. This helps them digest Eucalyptus leaves later in life.

5. Snails can sleep up to three years without waking up!

6. You can still smell when you’re sleeping. Even really gross smells!

7. A typical sneeze can travel up to 100 miles-per-hour (161 kph). A cough can travel up to 60 miles-per-hour (96.5 kph)!

img_caring_for_goldfish_656_6008. If you’re afraid a duck is staring at you, it’s called “Anatidaephobia.”

9. On the planet Venus, it rains metal.

10. If a Zebra and a Donkey have a baby, it’s called a “Zonkey.”

11. All babies are born with blue eyes.

12. Hippopotamus milk is pink.

13. Cans of diet soda floats in water, while regular soda cans sink.


14. When we think, our brains use about as much energy as a light bulb.

15, The shortest war lasted only 38 minutes. It was the Anglo-Zanzibar War.

16. Glass balls bounce higher than rubber balls.

17. Fingernails grow faster when you’re cold.

18. What was the first food astronauts ate in space? Applesauce!

19. One bat can eat about 3,000 insects every night.

20. Each year has 31,556,926 seconds.

animated-thinking-smiley-image-0021We don’t need a special day to learn something new. Think about these fun facts and dig a little deeper into the ones you find super-cool. Then tell us about it in the comments section.

We WANT to know, too!

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