Audio Story – Icky Berg: An Iceberg Tale!

Listen and read-along with this “cool” story by, Tracy Detz.

What do you think when you hear the word iceberg? Ship sinkers? Lifeless blocks of ice? 

Okay, Icebergs sank a few ships, but not on purpose. I’m the life of the party…just saying.

“I am Icky Berg, hear me roar!”

For as long as I can remember, I have been freezing my butt off. I live in Antarctica, where the ice cream never melts, and you can build snowmen all year long.

I’m a chip off the old block.

 “Sorry, mom.”

“Who are you calling old, mister?”

That’s my mom, Giselle. She’s a glacier. She’s one big momma. Wider than Disney World, taller than the Eiffel Tower, and longer than the state of Rhode Island.

I recently split from home. I needed my space. It feels good to break free! But I’m not wandering too far.

“He’s a momma’s boy. My baby ice cube.”

“Mom, you’re embarrassing me.”

My family travels all around the world. We’re drifters of the oceans.

I may seem big on top, but I’m huge on the bottom. Icebergs have big booties! 

“Icarus Brandon Berg! Be nice now.”

 “Sorry, Mom, just keeping it real.”

I’m bigger than a roller coaster. My brother, Bodhi, is the size of a truck. The rebel of the family. He drifted out to sea, looking for adventure. My sister Isabelle is gigantic. She’s the family’s troublemaker, scraping the seafloor, killing off a lot of marine life.

“I can’t help it. I was born this way.”

“Yeah, whatever.”

“Your cold as ice, Icky! Meanie!”

“Duh, we all are.” Good one, Sis.”

Sometimes, she blocks the path out to the ocean, and the emperor penguins must walk very far. Their feet are not happy. Maybe that’s why Mom calls her Ice Queen Izzy?

“What? Mom calls me Ice Queen Izzy?”

“Yeah, but don’t tell her I told you.”


I like to give back to the community. Many interesting creatures live in my palace below. Ava is a mysterious Sea Angel. Don’t let her horns fool you.

“Thank you, Icky. I’m an Angel of light.”

“But not when your tentacles come out to eat!”

 “A girl has to eat.”

“Icky up in the club here. Hey, Jake. Beatbox, Comb Jelly Jake lights it up. He’s like a wild alien with crazy neon colors.”

“Thanks, man. I’m psychedelic for sure.”

“So dreamy.”

“Don’t even think about it, Ava.”

“I can look, Icky.”

The Gentoo penguins are a little nutty. They slip and slide on my splash pad all day.

 “We heard that, Icky.”

“Oh, hey, Peter and Piper, I was just saying how much you love nutty bars.”

“Yah. They’re so yummy.”

I make a cozy place to lay your head. The polar bears are regular guests.

“Hey, Icky. Can you tell those whacky penguins to chill out? They kept me up all night!”

“Sorry, Paul, I’ll talk to them.”

 “Good, I need my rest. I have a long trip tomorrow.” 

Icebergs are a safe place for seals to give birth. Everyone loves babies, especially Wendy. She has lots of them.

“Hey, Icky.”

“Hey, Wendy.”

“Can you watch the pups later? I have a water aerobics class.”

“SHEESH….those pups are wild banshees.”

“I can’t hear you, you’re whispering.”

“Umm, ok, yeah, sure.”

Did you know Wendy can stay underwater for 80 minutes? She’s a Weddell seal. They’re amazing. Cute, too.

“Sweet talker. You’re so smooth Icky.”

 I have the coolest friends. But the Orcas can be big party crashers. When the penguins and seals have birthday parties, Ollie and Orville eat all the cake and pop the balloons too!

“Aww. Lighten up, Icky. We’re just playing, and you know we crave sweets.”

“Sure, you are—you big clowns!”

Lately, I’m sweating a lot. I worry about the future of my homeI’m melting away. Oh, what a cruel world. I don’t want to end up a puddle!

“You’re so dramatic, Icky.”

“Be quiet, Isabelle.”

But I would make a great source of fresh water. “Icky Smart water.”

A lot of good people help icebergs and speak for them. Like, Greta Thunberg. She is a young Swedish environmental activist. I just love her. I think we’re related. Thunberg, Iceberg? Hmmm, maybe?

Hey! But icebergs can talk too. I’m a humble, chit-chat type. Bodhi is a feel-good speaker; he is all about peace, love, and hope.

And Isabelle won’t be quiet.

“I heard that, Icky.”

“Well, It’s true.”

“It is not!”

“Yes, it is!”





“Be quiet! Both of you! You’re going to start an avalanche.”

“Yes, mom.”

“Sorry, mom.”

I’m thinking of leaving home.

Sad to leave my friends behind. But I’m going on a big mission. I have important things to do.

Did you know I am a Master Gardener of the oceans?  I help plant life grow. I slowly spin in the water, spreading nutrients wherever I go.

Not bragging, but I’m pretty awesome. Mom thinks so, too. She tells me all the time.

The scientists find me fascinating. They’re always discovering something new, and exciting about my ecosystem.

“Do you mean ego-system, Icky?”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny, Isabelle.” 

“Yep, I’m the funny Ice Queen.” 

As I melt away, remember me like an iceberg who made a difference.


Wait! Don’t go yet. You can make a difference too. I’ll tell you all about it in our fun PDF.

Goodbye, my friends. Au revoir. Adios. Ciao. I also speak many languages.

“Just go, Icky.”

 “Be quiet, Isabelle! Drama Queen!”

“Don’t you mean, Ice Queen?”

“Okay! That’s enough! Both of you!”

“Sorry, Mom.”

“Fine, Mom.”

The End

Check out this fun PDF and Search-a-Word puzzle!

About the Author

Tracy owns and operates Forever Free Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with disabilities learn to ride through the way of the marvelous horse.

Children are her inspiration.

When Tracy’s not teaching, writing, or riding, she seeks adventure by traveling to different countries. Tracy was an archeologist in another life. She is a farmer and grows hay on her farm in Wales, Michigan, along with tons of flowers, vegetables, and herb gardens.

She once had a hay business called ‘Hay Now,’ shipping an array of quality hay to equestrian farms in south Florida. She is the author of No Fish For Charles, Warren Publishing, 2019, and Valor & Victor and The Zombies From Earth, Warren Publishing, 2021. She currently has three Middle-grade novels in the works, a chapter book series, and many other stories for young readers.

She invites you to visit her, Twitter@tforeverfree and Instagram@hookedonbooks123

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