Show Us Your Stuff Saturday – A Story By Caroline C.

Dink the Duck: Don’t Get Confused With a Cookie!

by Caroline C. – Age 6

One day, Dink the Duck found a cookie, and he ate it.

He loved it a lot and wanted more.

Later that afternoon, he found a piece of wood lying on the sidewalk near the park.

He said to himself, “this looks like a cookie!”

He was about to put it into his mouth when he said, “let me take a closer look! This does not look like a cookie now, it looks like a piece of wood.”

So he dropped it onto the ground.

The following morning, he found a brown piece of construction paper lying next to a garbage can in someone’s front lawn. It was cut into a perfectly round circle.

He almost ate it when he said, “hmm, this doesn’t feel like a cookie, it feels like a piece of paper.”

So he put it back where he found it.

The next day, Dink the Duck found something brown lying in the grass. He opened his mouth to take a bite, when the wind suddenly blew it away!

Dink said, “it was too light to be a cookie. It must have been a leaf!” 

He watched the leaf as it flew away.

The day after that, he went to the duck pond.

Three kids, named Phyllis, Mason, and Cara, came to the duck pond. Their parents had given them cookies to feed to the ducks.

They gave Dink some cookies. But before he ate his cookies, he examined them.

He felt them all over.

They were heavier than the leaf and thicker than the paper. They smelled like chocolate, not like wood.

Then Dink said, “these are real cookies!”

He quacked “thank you!” to the kids.

Then he ate the cookies and he loved them!

The End.

Thank you, Caroline, for this awesome story and the cool drawing of Dink the Duck! They are super-fun!

Do you have a story, poem, or drawing you would like to share? Click here for details.

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