Audio Story – Chef Charlie

Listen to and read-along with this fun story by Linnae Rondeau.

I like to mix and make in my kitchen. I really love when I mix things in different amounts and it makes different food. Sometimes I mix sugar, flour, water, and eggs and I get bread!

But sometimes I get cookies!

I think it’s magic. Mommy says it’s science. Today we are going to make noodles. I love eating slurpy, slidy noodles. 

Mommy says we need four eggs, so I get four out of the refrigerator.

Half roll off the counter, now we only have two! Mommy and I clean up the sticky, smooshy eggs together. Then I get two more eggs to replace the dropped ones. 

Next we need flour!

I bring the flowers from the table but Mommy says “not those flowers, silly!”

We get the right kind of flour out of the pantry and make a big flour mountain.

This is my favorite part.

I make a hole in the center and Mommy puts the yellow bits of egg in the middle.

It looks just like a volcano! 

I ask if we can make the noodles the color of lava? Mommy says “of course” and gets the food coloring.

One, two, three drops.

Mommy mixes. It looks light pink.

Four, five, six. I mix.

It’s getting redder.

Seven, eight, nine. We mix.

It looks like real lava! The more drops I add the more colorful the dough becomes. 

We smash the dough into a flat little pancake and cut it into noodles.

Mommy thinks it will make fifty noodles. I guess a hundred.

We count as we plop them into the water.

It made eighty-three noodles!!!

We were both pretty close. 

Finally, the best part. Mommy adds sauce and we sit down to eat up our delicious creation.

I love being a chef! 


About the Author

Linnae is mother of one, and a high school science teacher of hundreds. In her spare time she enjoys writing silly stories, hiking, playing board games, telling her cat to get off the counter, and being outside. She grew up in the Midwest but now resides in a small town in New England. Find out more at her website:

Here’s a quick video to help you make your own homemade noodles!

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