Fun With Food- Skittles Experiment!

Skittles are a rainbow of flavor. But did you know they are also cool in an “artsy” way?

Check out this Skittles experiment!

What You Needskittles

  • Package of Skittles
  • Heat-proof plate (ceramic or glass works best)
  • Boiling Water


Step #1 – Boil water in kettle.

Step #2 – Arrange Skittles on the heat-proof plate. You can choose any design.

Step #3Carefully pour boiling water over Skittles.

Step #4 – Watch as a rainbow design magically appears before your eyes.

Step #5 – Gently swirl the plate to change the colored design.

You can repeat this process with a clean plate and new Skittles.

Need more help? Watch this video!

Fun Facts About Skittles

Did You Know?

  • Skittles were invented in England in 1974. They first came to America in 1979.
  • Skittles are the second most popular chewy candy in the US. What’s the first? Starburst!
  • This candy was the first to heavily use social media for advertising. They are even the most “liked” brand on Facebook!
  • Their slogan “Taste the Rainbow” was invented in 1994 by the New York ad agency, D’Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles.

If you tried the Skittles experiment take a picture of your creation and send it to us. We’d love to showcase it on our Show Us Your Stuff Saturday!

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