Bust a Move! Dazzling Dancing Animals

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The music starts popping and we start hopping to the beat! Dancing is a great way to exercise and have some fun. But did you know that we aren’t the only ones that like to dance?

Some critters have also been known to move and groove (and they don’t even need music).

Let’s check out those dazzling dancing animals that can really “bust a move.”

Body Popping Sage Grouse

The body popping antics of the Greater Sage Grouse is one unusual display. This North American bird will thrust out his yellow throat sacs in an attempt to attract a female. If that doesn’t work, he will also fan his tail feathers and flair his ruff of chest plumage.

It can take weeks for a male Sage Grouse to attract a female, so he has plenty of body popping to do before he’s finished.

Boogie Down Peacock Spider

The Peacock Spider is already “dressed” to dazzle with his array of blues, greens, and yellows. But to attract a female, he will have to do more than just look good – this guy will have to bust a move.

The male Peacock Spider starts his routine off by waving his legs. He then waggles back-and-forth, being sure to show off his brilliant abdominal colors. If he succeeds in impressing the female, she will do her own dance in return.

Sea Slug Spanish Dancer

Getting its name from the beauty and grace of a flamenco dancer, this Sea Slug may be slow, but it can still put on a show.

Growing up to 15 inches in length this slug lives in the Indo-Pacific ocean and the Red Sea. It is blood red in color and ripples the delicate edges of its mantle when it swims.

Although the dance of this Sea Slug has more to do with escaping danger than finding a mate, it leaves the viewer wanting more.

Clark’s Grebe “Rush”

Some dances need a partner. The Clark’s Grebe Rush is one of them. Performed by a male and female these two birds move in perfect synchronization.

With their feet moving at an astounding 20 steps-per-second, this pair appears to be running on water. To add to the dramatics the pair holds their wings tightly to their bodies, creating aerofoils for added lift and stability.

These birds are one of the few that can defy gravity and produce this beautiful dance.

What about you?

Can you pop-n-lock, do a jig, or just groove to your favorite song? It doesn’t matter, dancing is FUN. So get down and boogie, woogie, oogie till you can’t boogie no more…if animals can do it, so can you!

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