Eastern Blue-Tongued Skink Facts

70a6c670a05238f243f20c391c004c36The Eastern Blue-tongued Skink is an odd critter. Like it’s name suggests, it has a blue tongue!

Let’s discover more fun facts about the Eastern Blue-tongued Skink.

Fast Facts About The Eastern Blue-Tongued Skink

  • Size: 24 inches long (60cm)
  • Weight: Up to 18 ounces (510g)
  • Where It Lives: Australia and New Guinea
  • Habitat: Grasslands, forests, deserts, and rainforests
  • Diet: Eats both plants and meat including flowers, fruits, berries, worms, snails, and insects.
  • Lifespan: 20 plus years

During the daytime, this skink spends its time searching for food and basking in the warm sun. At night, it will cozy into logs, leaf litter and other safe spots away from Blue-tongued Lizard hmpredators.

You do not want to be bitten by an eastern blue-tongued skink. They may not have well-developed teeth, but they still have a powerful bite. Plus, they don’t like to let go. OUCH!

To defend themselves, this lizard puffs up its body, sticks out its blue tongue and hisses. This skink will also flatten out its body in hopes of appearing too large to attack.

Another cool feature about the eastern blue-tongued skink is its overlapping scales. Their scales are designed to keep out dirt, sand, and other debris. Every six weeks, this skink will shed all its skin revealing new scales underneath.

What do you think of the eastern blue-tongued skink? Let us know in the comments section!

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