It’s Save the Frogs Day; Fun ‘Frog-ology’ Facts!

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With over 6,000 species, the frog is the most abundant amphibian on the planet.

Frogs are cold-blooded critters that share the characteristics of both fish (when they are gilled aquatic larvae) and air-breathing animals (when they’re adults).

Let’s celebrate the frog by learning more fun frog-ology” facts!

Frog-ology Fact #1 – BIG Frogs!

Goliath_frogScientists were able to piece together a fossilized frog. They believe this behemoth once weighed around ten pounds. At this size, it most likely fed on small animals, ancient lizards, and maybe even baby dinosaurs.

The largest frog today is the Goliath Frog. This BIG fella can exceed weights of seven pounds and measure around a foot long!

Frog-ology Fact #2 – That’s One Toxic Frog!


One of the most toxic animals on earth is the Golden Poison Dart Frog. The poison from just one of these froggies is enough to kill ten adult humans or two elephants.

The poison is excreted through this amphibian’s skin, so one touch is all it takes. YIKES!

Listen to the frog!

Frog-ology Fact #3 – Toothy Frogs?

amazon-horned-frog_443_600x450Did you know frogs have teeth?

Unlike us, frogs don’t use their teeth to chew. They use their choppers for holding their prey until it can be swallowed whole.

Frogs will regularly lose their teeth, then grow new ones to take their place.

Horned Frogs of South America have sharp teeth and are usually in a bad mood. These nasty characters will hide under the water or leaf litter waiting for anything their size to wander past.

They will even attack people.

Tribesmen of this region often wear high leather boots to protect themselves against these aggressive frogs.

Frog-ology Fact #4 – Frogs Can Breathe Through Both Their Nose & Skin

2004341076-300x0Most frogs have lungs and use their noses to breathe air. But they also have special skin that allows them to breathe underwater.

The skin of a frog is very thin and contains a large network of blood vessels. These vessels can take oxygen right out of the water.

Researchers have discovered a frog that doesn’t have any lungs at all. The Bornean Flat-headed Frog lives in the cold-water streams of Borneo. This frog breathes entirely through its skin.

Researchers believe this adaptation is so that the frog will sink instead of float. This keeps it from being swept away in the fast water.

Frog-ology Fact #5 – Frogs Are Great Eco-Reporters

funny-animals1The thin skin of the frog makes them perfect for reporting on their ecosystem. Changes in climate, the environment, pollution levels, and habitat loss can all be told by the frog.

Currently, the frog population is dwindling at a disturbing rate. However, many organizations around the world are working hard to change that fact.

These people are developing captive breeding programs, preserving the frog’s habitat, and putting bans on harmful pesticides.

Aren’t frogs fun? If you enjoyed this post, let us know in the comments section. We’d love to hear your “ribbeting” thoughts!


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