Honey Watching Over!

Today we have a special pet star, Honey the feline ‘watcher.’

Check out what her human, John, had to say about his special feline friend.

Honey is a stray cat that hung around my house for years until she decided to move in and take over.  I never know exactly where she is at any given time unless she is in my lap.  Imagine my surprise when she started perching herself on the top of my file cabinet as she watched me work (I am an author).  Anyway, she isn’t always up there, but she is so quiet, I never know when I will look up and see “the boss” watching over me.  

Thanks, John, for sharing Honey’s habit with us.

Do you have a special pet in your life? Send us a picture or short video of your best pal and they could be featured on Smarty Pants Pet Stars, too!

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