Do It Yourself Butterfly Feeder

We learned all about some amazing butterflies – weren’t they beautiful? We also explored “how to attract butterflies to your own garden.”

Today, we’re going to give butterflies another reason to visit your yard with this do it yourself butterfly feeder. With a few common household objects, you’ll have a simple and easy feeder that butterflies will sure to love.

35142532_10213617939096124_1519397088150945792_nWhat You Need

  • Plastic plate in a bright color (Dollar Store ones work well)
  • Twine, yarn, or thin rope
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Large “S” hook (I found these at the Dollar Store, as well)


Step #1 – Take a plastic plate and punch four spaced holes in the rim of the plate. Set aside.

Step #2 – Cut 2 pieces of Duct Tape about an inch wide. Set aside.

Step #3 – Take your twine and cut about 4 to 5 feet from the roll.

Step #4 – Push twine through one hole of the plate towards the bottom.

Step #5 – Feed the twine along the bottom of the plastic plate coming up through the opposite hole.

35199140_10213617938536110_130605969741709312_nStep #6 – Pull a good length of the twine through the hole, then feed it through the next hole (top to bottom). Feed the twine up through the remaining hole.

You should have a loop and two loose ends.

Step #7 – Make sure the twine is even – two cut ends meet at the top (with the uncut section) when you suspend it.

Step #8 – Turn your plate over and position the twine so it creates an “X” in the middle of the plate. Use your cut piece of Duct Tape to secure it in place.

Now comes the tricky part. You may need to enlist some help.

35226263_10213622339726137_9171165085874257920_nStep #9 – Take the uncut portion of your twine about an inch down and wrap the two loose ends around it. You are creating a loop to hang the feeder from.

Step #10– Be sure your plastic plate is hanging evenly.

Tip – I use the roll of duct tape on the middle of the plate to balance it.

Step #11 – Use your cut piece of tape to secure around the wrapped twine.

Congratulations! You’ve created your very own butterfly feeder!

Step #12 – Slide one end of the “S” hook through the loop of the feeder. Hang from a tree or another location where butterflies can see it.

Now that we’ve got a finished butterfly feeder, we have to put something in it.

Simple Butterfly Food

35123745_10213619930945919_7922135226933837824_nThe simplest way to feed butterflies is to use overripe fruit. Bananas, watermelon, and orange slices all work very well.

Slice these fruits about ¼ inch thick. Use a knife to score along the top of each slice to help the butterflies reach the “nectar.”

Tip: If your fruit isn’t really juicy, add a small amount of water to the plastic plate.

If you’re using “rotten” bananas (that’s okay, butterflies love rotted fruit.) mash them up and add a bit of water to make them soupier.

Check your fruit each day to ensure it’s not becoming moldy. Change completely every few days.

Let us know how your butterfly feeder is working in the comments section.

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