It’s June Bug Day!

 By, Jo Carol Hebert

What is a June Bug?

This little 1-inch bug is one of over 260 species of scarab beetles across North America. 10-where-are-june-bugs

Did you know after years of being in an insect larvae stage of development, the June Bug hatch out? They emerge from the ground mostly in June, seeking a mate.

But many people say they see plenty of  them in May (but then we would have to consider them May bugs and that complicates matters).

These little creatures have a hard black or brown shell-covering and wings. They live about a year or two. They eat leaves. Toads and lizards eat them.

If you want to catch sight of a June Bug turn on the porch light. They LOVE the light!

Watch this video of a “June Bug Invasion!” They are EVERYWHERE!!

Have you seen any June Bugs yet? Tell us in the comments section and Have a Happy June Bug Day!



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