Manatees – Cows of the Sea!

FL_fig04What’s grey and brown and kind of looks like a floating potato?

A Manatee!

Check out these fun facts on these slow-moving water mammals (also known as ‘Sea Cows’).

Did You Know?

  • Manatees live their entire lives in the water.
  • Adults can weigh up to 3,500 pounds (1,588 kg) and measure 13 feet long (4m)
  • Baby manatees are born weighing 60 to 70 pounds (27 to 32 kg). They can measure up to 4 feet long (1.2 m).
  • The Manatee can hold its breath up to 20 minutes.
  • These mammals are found from Florida to Brazil. They also live in the Amazon River, and the coastal regions of western Africa, They can travel from fresh water to sea water without a problem.
  • Because manatees are so slow, algae will grow on their skin. But they don’t mind. It helps block out the sun’s rays.

manatee_01Manatees are herbivores (only eat veggies). They love to dine on sea grass found on the bottom of the ocean.

Who is related to the manatee?

Surprisingly, the elephant!

These animals both have a trunk, tough skin, bristle-like hair covering their body, teeth that are always replaced and “toe” nails on their feet/flippers.

What do you think of this sea creature? Let us know in the comments section.

If you haven’t already, check out Eric Sprinkle’s interview where he talks about his gross encounter with a manatee!

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  1. 7 years ago my husband and I bought a guided tour and went snorkeling with the manatees in Crystal River (Florida). We enjoyed seeing these majestic animals in their natural environment. It was an amazing experience!


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