Storytime Sunday – Daddy’s Daughter

Today is Father’s Day! Listen and read-along with this fun poem by, Jo Carol Hebert.

The King’s daughter sleeps until half past noon

and wakes to eat from a silver spoon.

The Gardener’s daughter snips the blooms

and smells the fragrance of rose perfume.

The Ditch Digger’s daughter plays in the dirt

and never gets blamed for a muddy shirt!

The Fisherman’s daughter swims with whales

and catches a ride on a dolphin’s tail. 

The Astronaut’s daughter explores the stars

and rides in a rocket that flies to Mars.

The Sailor’s daughter travels the seas

and climbs the sails to catch a breeze.

The Cowboy’s daughter rides the trail

and hears the sound of the wolf’s wild wail.

The Cobbler’s daughter dances around

in slippers of satin and gingham gowns.

Oh, Daddies are Doctors and Bakers and Teachers,

Taxi Cab Drivers and Welders and Preachers;

Storekeepers, Pilots, Actors, Cartographers,

Farmers, Policemen, and Oceanographers.

Daddies are Physicists, Printers, Psychologists,

Painters and Presidents, Poets, Seismologists.

Daddies are busy in jobs that they do;

but after my Daddy’s work is through –

he hurries home in the fastest way –

to hear his darling daughter say,

“Come on Daddy, let’s go play!”

Happy Father’s Day!

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