Say “Hello” to These Summertime Friends

We all like to get outside and play, especially when the weather is warm and the days are longer. But did you know summer also brings with it a whole host of sun-loving animals?

Say “hello” to these critters that love to come out and play in the summertime!

Say “Hello” to the Bumblebee


Usually, only the Queen Bee survives the long cold winter. She does so by hiding in a hole in the soil, under leaf mulch, or inside a rotting tree stump. In her cozy winter home, she will hibernate between six and eight months.

After she emerges from her long sleep, she gets busy finding the perfect spot to build a new nest. Once the Queen is ready, she will lay her eggs and form a whole new army of worker bees.

Did you know? Bumblebees love the sunlight. They spend most of the daytime pollinating flowers.

Say “Hello” to the Box Turtle


Depending on which part of the United States these reptiles call home, their hibernation can last up to 154 days. During this deep rest, their heart will beat only once every five to ten minutes.

Since the Box Turtle is really sensitive to temperature drops, if he comes out to play too early, he could die. But once he is out-and-about, he stays safe from predators by hiding in his protective shell. This hinged “dome” makes it tough for even the most determined enemy.

Did you know? Box Turtles can live to be over 100 years-old!

Say “Hello” to the Hedgehog


These prickly fellows sleep super deep. In fact, they don’t wake up once during the long cold winter months.

Found in Asia, Europe, Africa, and New Zealand, the Hedgehog’s body temperature during hibernation is usually around 35 degrees Celsius. However, at the onset of winter, it can drop as low as 6 degrees Celsius.

Luckily, their bodies are filled with specialized cells that release heat 20 times faster than normal white blood cells.

Did you know? Baby Hedgehogs are called Hoglets. This animal is also a favorite pet.

Say “Hello” to the Badger


This critter is native to North America, Asia, and Europe. They hibernate all winter long, then emerge in the summertime to hunt for food.

Badgers are social creatures that gather together in underground “setts” for the winter months. These structures feature a series of interlocking tunnels with several entrances,nest chambers, and toilets. They are continually refining and expanding their homes, some of which are centuries old!

The Badger gathers and stores food all summer long. When they awake during the bitter cold months, they have a snack and go right back to sleep.

Did you know? Badgers feast on several hundred earthworms every night.

Summer is a wonderful time of year filled with all things fun. These critters think so, too.

Do you have a special summertime friend or activity? Let us know in the comments section.

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