Weather in Fact & Fiction – The Fable of the North Wind and the Sun

by, Jo Carol Hebert

The Wind and the Sun were arguing about which one was the stronger. Suddenly, they saw a traveler coming down the road. The Sun said, “I see a way to settle this argument.  Whichever one of us can cause the traveler to take off his cloak will be regarded as the stronger.”

So the Sun hid behind a cloud. The Wind began to blow as hard as he could on the Traveler. But the harder he blew, the more the Traveler wrapped his cloak around himself. At last, the Wind had to give up in despair.

Then the Sun came out and shone brightly. After awhile, the Traveler was very hot. 

He took his cloak off.

What is Weather?

Wind, Evaporation, Air, Thunderstorms, Heat!, Eye of the Hurricane, Rain.

“Weather is the condition of the air (atmosphere) at a certain time and place. Types of weather conditions are: temperature, sunlight, rain, snow and wind. There is always some kind of weather conditions in your everyday life that determine your behavior:

How will I dress for the day? Do I need an umbrella? Should I take a jacket? “I’m late to work, but I have to scrape the ice off the windshield!”

There will be weather – whether you like it or not. There is a saying in Texas about the weather: If ya don’t like it, then wait a spell – it’ll change.”

Is Weather the Same as Climate?

“No.  Climate is the average of an area’s weather conditions over a long period of time, such as several years.” (The Dictionary)

On the Move

Air is always moving. This movement produces changes in the weather. While the earth spins on its axis, the warmth of the sun heats the atmosphere. Warmer air rises and flows over the north and south poles, where the atmosphere is cooler.

The arrival of warmer air sets the cool air masses on the move. Air flows in curved paths which circle the globe in particular patterns of air currents. This is called Global Atmosphere Circulation”.

Did You Know?

  • a “cow-killer” is the strong east winds from mountains in Washington state.
  • a ‘dust devil’ is a small whirling column of wind, like a dust tornado
  • an ‘eye’ is the calm center circle of a spinning hurricane storm
  • a ‘gully-washer’ is a sudden heavy shower of rain 

Do You Know Weather Phrases

  1. ‘Under the weather’ – feeling sick
  2. ‘A break in the weather’ – when a cold or hot spell of weather changes to cool or warm
  3. ‘Weather the storm’ – overcome a problem
  4. ‘Weather permitting’ – how the weather determines our activities, like a picnic

Wind Poem: Windways

Listen . . . 

You can’t see it, but the wind is passing by.

Stop . . .

And you can feel it, as it brushes on your skin.

Wait . . .

And it will gently run its fingers through your hair.

Has it come from China on the surface of the sea?

To tell its secrets in your ear and whisper mysteries?

Or traveled through the ruffled fur of Arctic polar bears,

to whistle at your doorstep ‘til you wonder, “Who is there . . . ?”

Does it push you from behind with urgent, mournful sighs?

Then beat upon your face until you have to close your eyes?

I swallow wind with hungry gulps; It takes my breath away,

and carries it to Africa to make the bushes sway.

Oh, do you ever wonder? Do you ever want to know –

where the wind has come from, and where the wind will go.o.o.o.o.o.?

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