Let’s Learn About the Lemur!

You may know the famous Lemur from the Lion King. His name was Timon. But what you may not know is all the fascinating facts about this furry mammal.

Let’s learn about the Lemur.

Did you know?

  • There are over 100 different species of the lemur.
  • The largest lemur, the Indri, can weigh up to 21 pounds!


    Dwarf Mouse Lemur

  • The smallest lemur weighs just over one ounce. It is the Dwarf Mouse Lemur.
  • The lemur is native to Madagascar.
  • This animal has flat fingernails, similar to ours.
  • Lemurs eat mostly fruit and leaves. But they will also dine on tree sap, bark, decayed wood, flowers, and insects.
  • This animal uses scent to communicate to other lemurs. One of the ways is by competing in a “stink war.” This is when males try to impress the females by wiping their scent from their wrists onto their tails.
  • The Lemur will rub toxic bugs on its butt. Sometimes they will eat the bug after they wiped it on their body.
  • This animal can have red or blue eyes.

Lemurs are truly cool critters. What do you think of this odd mammal. Let us know in the comments section!

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