A “Flutter” of Fascinating Butterfly Facts

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Now that the warm weather is here, perhaps you’ve seen some butterflies, flit-fluttering animated-butterfly-image-0004around your yard or neighborhood?

The butterfly is truly amazing. Check out these fun facts to see if you agree…

Fact #1 – a group of butterflies is called a “flutter.”

Fact #2 – The butterflies eyes are made up of 6,000 lenses. They can even see ultraviolet light.

2125767_largeFact #3 – Butterflies have a tube-like tongue called a “proboscis.” They use their tongue to soak up nectar.

Fact #4 – The wings of a butterfly move in a figure-eight pattern.

Fact #5 – Some regions have so many caterpillars feeding at one time you can hear the “munching” sound.

Fact #6 – Butterflies are considered to be cold-blooded, just like reptiles.

Fact #7 – Skipper Butterflies are so fast, they can outpace a horse!

Fact #8 – Scientists once thought butterflies were deaf. However, in 1912, they discovered this insect had ears.

201-03-20-butterflies-mudpuddling-3Fact #9 – Many adult butterflies never poop. This is because they use up all their food stores in energy.

Fact #10Puddle Clubs are formed when a flutter of butterflies gather on wet soil to soak up the minerals.

Wow! Who knew the simple butterfly was so fascinating?

Do you want to help feed the butterflies? Check out this simple butterfly feeder.  

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