It’s National Mutt Day!



Mixed Breed.

These are all names for a dog that isn’t a purebred (the lineage of the dog has all the same breed).

This special occasion first started in 2006 and was founded by Colleen Paige. She created Mutt Day to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs that find themselves in shelters.

Did you know approximately 80% of all canines in shelters are mutts?

Every dog deserves a good home. Let’s discover why the lovable mutt makes an excellent pet.

What’s Great About a Mutt?

Mixed breed dogs tend to be less pricey. Some purebred can cost from 500 to 5,000 dollars!

animated-dog-image-0014It has been proven that mutts are usually healthy and live longer. This is because their genetics are more varied, which makes the mutt less likely to be interbred.

Mutts can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and coats. They can have floppy or curly tails, perky ears, droopy ears, or ears that stand straight up. They can have super short legs or super long ones, broad snouts or push-in noses. The mutt is a delightful surprise!

The mixed breed dog can have a variety of personalities, too. They can be goofy, funny, smart, energetic, silly, happy, or even a bit aloof.

Mutts can still work in many fields like the Military, as Police dogs, Service dogs, Search and Rescue and working security at airports and border crossings.

What’s the best quality of a mutt?

1246934834069712108302This awesome dog will love you unconditionally and be your best friend forever!

Give a mutt a chance. Visit your local shelter today!

If you can’t adopt a dog, then celebrate Mutt Day by making a donation to your local animal shelter or any one of the other worthy animal rescue organizations.

Happy Mutt Day! Woof!


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