Today is National Dog Day!

by, Jo Carol Hebert

Today is a “tail-wagging” occasion for our best furry pals, the dog (sorry, cats).

But did you know there are also some odd sayings that involve our puppy pals?

Check it out!

‘Dog Days’ of Summer


“Whew! It is HOT today,” said ten-year old Shondra to her big brother, Tyson.

“You got that right!” replied Tyson. “It’s the ‘dog days of summer.”

Let’s ask mom if we can play in the sprinklers . . . “

The ‘dog days” are July and August, the hottest days in the year.

Gone to the Dogs!


That old house on 29th Street has really ‘gone to the dogs,” Mr. Medina said to his wife.

His wife replied, ”Yeah, somebody is not taking care of that property.

Gone to the dogs’ means something has gone bad.

Raining Cats & Dogs

download (6)

 “Yikes!” Cried Dad, as he dressed his son, Manuel, for preschool.

“Grab the BIG umbrella in the closet. It’s raining ‘cats and dogs’ outside!”

Raining cats and dogs means a really heavy downpour.

Did you know?

  • You should never give chocolate to a dog. It is like poison to them.
  • The dog’s earliest relative is the grey wolf.
  • The dog is called ‘man’s best friend.’
  • Dogs can smell 1,000 times better than humans.
  • Over 50,000,000 U.S. homes have a dog.

From Wild to Pet

Long ago, hunters in Europe domesticated (tamed) wolves to help hunt, herd, pull things, protect, and just be companions to man.

National Dog Day is August 26

This is a day to appreciate our canine friends. Many dogs are in humane shelters, just download (7)waiting for their forever home.

Who can resist a puppy? Awwww…

Now let’s learn how to properly greet a dog!

Do you have dog? What is your dog’s name? Tell us what your dog likes to do. 

Happy National Dog Day! imageedit_1_4036570969

If you don’t have a dog, maybe you’d like to celebrate by printing and coloring this adorable dog picture?

Once you’re finished, give your pup a name, and write a short story about him or her. Then take a picture of your creation and send it to us. It could be featured on Show Us Your Stuff Saturday. 

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